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Interviews & Articles

Oregon Retail Crime Task Force: SnowShoe CEO Ned Hayes Joins Task Force

Podcast Interview: SnowShoe CEO announces acquisition of Loyalti

Retail Focus Podcast: Interview with SnowShoe CEO Ned Hayes

Portland Business Tribune: Electronic Device Says Who You Are and How Loyal

First IOT Paper Device: Press Release from SnowShoe on Spark Card

SnowShoe: Company Launches New Year with New CEO, New Website

Cyber Defense Magazine: How to be Smarter about Biometrics

State of Identity Podcast: Bridging the Physical and Digital Identity Divide (interview with Ned Hayes, CEO)

Gluecon: Defending Biometric Identity Conference Presentation (slides)

CPO Magazine: Defending Against Biometric Threats

Help Net Security: Taking ethical action in identity: 5 steps for better biometrics

Toolbox Magazine: How to Use Biometrics to Secure Identity

Payments Next: Biometrics Drive the Future of Payments

Find Biometrics: Interview with Ned Hayes on the Future of Identity

Security Info Watch: Ethics and Biometric Identity

Gluecon: Ethics, AI and Algorithms (video)

Press Mentions & Media Coverage

CES Innovation Award 2019: Dell Latitude with Intel Context Sensing wins Innovation Award

ZDNet: National biometric database could be on the way

Planet Biometrics: SureID to partner with AI firm

Biometric Update: SureID and Robbie.AI partner to develop nationwide biometric capture system for consumer initiatives

Find Biometrics: Launch of Sterling Identity with new VerifyID

PR Newswire:
Robbie.AI and SureID combine AI-based facial recognition and security technology to bring holistic biometrics solution to U.S.

Naked Security: Is the US about to get a nationwide, privately owned, biometrics system?

Find Biometrics: SureID, Robbie.AI announce multimodal R&D collaboration

Electronics360: AI-Based facial recognition and security technology for next-gen biometrics

Robbie.AI and SureID Combine AI-based facial recognition and security technology to bring holistics biometrics solution to U.S.

SC Media: Biometrics and AI firm team up for first U.E. biometric database amidst criticism

Threat Post: New boom in facial recognition tech prompts privacy alarms

TechHQ: Would you use facial recognition on your employees?

Find Biometrics:
Intel Identity Manager Ned Hayes takes the helm at SureID

Planet Biometric: SureID Reports Company Changes, Ned Hayes as New Leader

Find Biometrics: SureID Emerges from Corporate Shakeup

Portland Business Journal: New Head for Identity and Access Company in Portland

Seattle Times: Trains, planes and Seattle supercommuters