New Role: Leadership at Darwoft

I’m excited to announce today that I’m joining international software development firm Darwoft as Vice President of Strategic Alliances & Managing Partner, focused specifically on growing the client base in the Pacific Northwest.

The reason I’m excited is that I’ve worked closely with the principals at Darwoft for over ten years — the inimitable globetrotter Cecilia Mariani and my brother-in-arms Cristian Bullokles. I watched these two powerful leaders guide and manage teams of groundbreaking developers who launched products with worldwide impact at Intel and at McAfee (CES Product Innovation Award, Product of the Year, etc., etc.).

After they left the Software & Services division at Intel, these two leaders launched a great little boutique software company and then grew their company to a massive scale, gathering together an incredible team. Today, their clientele and global partnerships allow their team to leverage over 500 software engineers in complex projects used around the world, with over 150 active projects underway today across multiple divisions and multiple types of software dev. expertise. If you want to have a world-class partner on your team, Darwoft can take you to the stars!

This is the dream team for me, and I’m overjoyed that Darwoft wants me to help guide their strategic engagements in Seattle, Portland and beyond.

Here’s their (very generous) announcement about me joining the team – more on the Darwoft website as well.


Ned Hayes is a technology innovator who has led multiple growth-stage companies, delivering groundbreaking AI, IoT, and edge solutions at scale. For the last 3 years, he served as CEO of AI-powered software company and he has previously been Principal Partner at a venture capital firm. His passion for business transformation has also been showcased in leadership roles at Intel, PARC/SRI, Vulcan, Microsoft, and Adobe. For over twenty years, his trusted expertise has delivered global impact for investors and customers. He is also an internationally bestselling author. Darwoft is excited to welcome Ned as Vice President of Strategic Alliances & Managing Partner. 

Find out more about Darwoft here >>