Technology product leader for 20+ years: I am a Managing Partner, CEO and Board Director in Portland, Oregon. I have previously been a principal partner at a venture capital firm, helping companies with growth and product direction. I currently am advising and several other companies. I have previously been a principal partner with an international venture capital firm. I have served as GM or CEO for multiple growth-stage companies, delivering groundbreaking AI, IOT, and edge solutions at scale. My passion for business transformation has also been showcased in leadership roles at Intel, PARC, Vulcan, and Microsoft. My trusted expertise has delivered global impact for investors and customers. I am also a national bestselling author.

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IOT, AI, Identity & Biometric Authentication

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Ned Hayes is based in the Pacific Northwest and is a business manager and senior advisor, advancing digital transformation at enterprises and disruptive startups. Ned helped to lead Intel’s developer product tools division as a business director and as a technical teams manager, with responsibility for several software development kits (SDKs) and public-facing marketing for these deployments. Products he helped launch at Intel included the OpenVINO computer vision toolkit and the Intel Context Sensing SDK, now deployed on hundreds of millions of IOT devices worldwide. He holds several graduate degrees, with executive education through the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He has also studied ethics and post-humanism at the Graduate Union at U.C. Berkeley. He is a regular speaker at technical and business conferences, and his books have appeared in 10 languages worldwide.
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Intel Context Sensing SDK for IOT

Intel Cloud Services Platform: Context Awareness, Predictive Analytics, Recommendations, Identity

At Intel, I was the lead product strategist for our predictive intelligence and recommendation engine services provided by the Cloud Services Platform. Together, our team built an identity-based, many-device, multi-OS, multi-CPU-architecture, client-aware, cloud-services platform.

PARC Mobile Applications: Principal Product Unit Manager

At PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), I was the primary product leader in creating the Meshin platform and mobile app. Meshin analyzed communications in real-time and provided insight into your activity with a new user experience on Android and iPhone.