Upnotch – Now a Featured Mentor [Ned Hayes]

I’m excited to announce that I’m now a featured mentor through UpNotch!

Ned Hayes, Upnotch Mentor is the CEO of SnowShoe and a strategic leader in growth markets including cloud services, machine learning, identity, biometrics, data security, and regulatory compliance. He has launched 3 companies and led 5.

A serial entrepreneur, Ned has been mentoring tech and nonprofit leaders for over 20 years. He has helped people with product experience, marketing, launch, etc. He’s also a best-selling novelist who has served on many nonprofit boards.

With a wealth of experience in product management, his specialties also include startup mentoring, scaling teams or products, software team leadership, biometrics, and identity validation, context-aware platforms, emerging technology, market research, product management, revenue models, software planning and more.

Ned is a solid mentor for any entrepreneur or executive working in the technology or nonprofit industries who are looking to grow their leadership skills.

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