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Machine Intelligence, Context Awareness, & Identity: 

Vulcan PARC Adobe Intel Intel

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I am currently a senior solutions owner and engineering team manager in Intel’s developer product tools division, with responsibility for several software development kits (SDKs). One of the leading products I’ve conceived and launched with a great team is the Intel Context Sensing SDK.

I hold several graduate degrees, and I’ve studied at Stanford University, at the Graduate Theological Union at U.C. Berkeley and at Pacific Lutheran University. My work today is focused on leading cross-functional teams to shared success and delivering software used on over 60 million devices in market today, as well as many millions of applications worldwide.

Intel Context Sensing SDK

Intel Cloud Services Platform: Context Awareness, Predictive Analytics, Recommendations, Curation, Catalog

At Intel, I was previously the lead product strategist for our predictive intelligence and recommendation engine services provided by the Cloud Services Platform. Together, our team built an identity-based, many-device, multi-OS, multi-CPU-architecture, client-aware, cloud-services platform.

PARC Mobile Applications: Principal Product Manager

At PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), I was the primary visionary leader in creating the Meshin platform and mobile app. Meshin analyzed communications in real-time and provided insight into your activity with a new user experience on Android and iPhone.

Vulcan Labs:
Director of Product Mgmt / Product Manager

At an internal startup within Vulcan Labs, I led product management alongside a brilliant engineering and design team. Together, we created “Aro,” a new semantic application that surfaced entities inside of communications and provided a quick and easy user interface to take rapid action. We delivered applications for Paul Allen that demonstrated this unique user interface on iPhone and Android. I contributed to several patents on this application design and development.


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