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Hi. I’m Ned, and I’m interested in… everything from context-aware technology to post-modern theology to genetic engineering to bicycle hacking to medieval manuscripts. I have led smart technology teams at Adobe, Microsoft, Xerox PARC and Intel. I have written several books — most recently the bestselling novel The Eagle Tree and the forthcoming Wilderness of Mirrors, an SF novel about the NSA.

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  • Context Sensing in the Wild - New Proximity Awareness on Dell Laptops -- My team at Intel spent the last few year working on this great new Context Sensing awareness system that will be announced on new Dell laptops at CES 2019. Congratulations to the Context team.
  • Beat Box Breakdown -- I invented and created from scratch a new board game for my 16 year old son, Nick, whose favorite music genre (currently) is hip-hop. The game is called Beat Box Breakdown
  • How to be Smarter about Biometrics -- An autonomous system doesn’t lose its job, get charged with a felony or get a report in the file. This is a problem of accountability: who is ultimately responsible?
  • The Biometric Threat - Some Preventative Measures -- Biometrics are hackable. If you’re paying attention to the history of hacking security mechanisms, we all know how this story goes.
  • New Commemorative Edition of The Eagle Tree -- I’m excited to announce that Steve Silberman, friend of Oliver Sacks, winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize for Non-Fiction, and author of the New York Times bestselling history of autism Neurotribes, has written a new foreword for the commemorative edition of The Eagle Tree.
  • Launch to Exit: The Oly Arts Success Story -- Founded a multi-platform content publishing group and set of diversified publications, and successfully sold the company 2 years later.
  • Washington Post Interview -- In summer 2018, I was contacted by a reporter from the Washington Post about Olympia, Washington.
  • New GM for Identity leader SureID -- I’m excited to be leading the team as GM for SureID and Vice President for Sterling.

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