Book coaching is a new area of business for me. I’ve been exploring the world of book doctors and book coaches, and it appears that with the changes in publishing in the last fifty years, many writers are in need of an experienced editorial companion and writing coach.

The wonderful Joanna Penn describes book coaches as writing with writers at every step of the creative process, offering editorial guidance, emotional support, and project management to help writers do their best work.

Here’s a brief list of book coaches for writers who want to get editorial assistance as they create their books. Caveat — I have thrown my hat in the ring as a professional book coach, and so my site is listed along with the rest.

Jennie Nash

  • Jennie Nash is a very well known and successful book coach.
  • She is the author of Altared States: Surviving the Engagement. Her writing has been featured in Glamour, Mademoiselle, and The New York Times Magazine. She is the national spokesperson for the Ford Motor Company’s Breast Cancer Awareness Program.

Jane Friedman

  • With more than 20 years of experience in the business of publishing and media, Jane can help you make smart decisions about your publishing and digital media strategy, and position you for long-term growth.
  • Jane’s Hot Sheet is a go-to publication in the publishing world and her advice is very helpful.

Lisa Tener – Book Coach

  • Lisa Tener and her team can help you write your book or book proposal, as well as guide you with the “platform building” (developing a following and reach online and offline) that publishers are looking for.
  • Lisa can help you develop a publishing strategy and can also connect you with publishing industry professionals that can help you with various aspects of the journey from editors to ghostwriters to social media and PR experts to web designers and marketing experts, as well as literary agents and publishers.

Ned Hayes – The Novel Doctor