Covid-19: The Great Digital Accelerator

With evidence showing the global pandemic has been the digital accelerant of the decade, now is the time to leverage digital to create new opportunities. In this webinar, we share how you can take advantage of this great accelerator. 


Covid-19: the great Digital Accelerator

History will regard the Great Pandemic of 2020 as a critical inflection point for Digital Business. The global lockdowns and prolonged restrictions forces organizations of all sizes to adapt and transform. The consequences of inaction are immediate, and there is no turning back. Facing the future as a digital organization demands agility, creativity and innovative spirit.    

As with major crises in the past, now is the time to step up and pull forward the future. Never before have there been so many powerful tools and technologies at hand. The 2020’s will see several momentous waves of innovations converging: AI, automation, cloud and 5G are the building blocks for the next generation of applications.  

How to harness these engines of innovation? What industries will be completely re-made, how will we collaborate across distance and build robust value networks? How to identify the right strategy for your business then execute the tactics to get your goals across the finish line?  

In this webinar we will assess the changes wrought by the global pandemic. What has changed so far and what’s coming? What steps are needed to manage external changes, outperform competition, build teams of top performers and inspire with clear vision?  

Save Your Seat! 

Moderated by Executive Director Ken Forster along with Richard White, Managing Partner, Ben Tao, Strategy Partner and Blaine Mathieu, Partner, this unique event will explore: 

Impact of the Pandemic: 

  • Looking past challenges to new opportunities 
  • Sources of edge 

Leading the team: 

  • Assembling a winning team and guiding them to success 
  • Going all in on digital  

Looking ahead: 

  • Finding the best balance of long-term strategy and short- term responsiveness 
  • Using tech disruption to your advantage  


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