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Sterling Identity Launch

Posted by on Jun 25, 2019 in Identity, tech, technology | 0 comments

Over the last year, I had the pleasure of leading the SureID team in creating and launching new identity and access services. I’m very happy to see the culmination of our efforts in the launch of the new Sterling Identity brand, with a set of new products underway at Sterling and a new brand name for the former SureID team. Congratulations to the team! NEW YORK, NY (June 21, 2019) — Sterling, a leading provider of background and identity services, today announced the launch of Sterling Identity, a business unit focused on identity and...

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Defending Biometric Security – Gluecon 2019

Posted by on May 23, 2019 in Identity, tech, technology | 0 comments

Great session at Gluecon 2019 yesterday on Defending Biometric Security — here are the overview slides on the session I conducted. High level overview, but a very useful and detailed conversation afterwards that went to a deeper level. Hope this high level overview is as useful to others as it was to our group who discussed at more depth at Gluecon. Defending Biometric Security from Ned Hayes

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How to Use Biometrics to Ensure Security: An Interview with Ned Hayes of SureID — Toolbox Interview

Posted by on Mar 1, 2019 in Identity, software, tech, technology | 0 comments

| Interview with Ned Hayes (Re-posted from Toolbox) How to Use Biometrics to Ensure Security: An Interview with Ned Hayes of SureID By Neha Pradhan Thursday, February 14, 2019 “Biometrics provide multiple modalities and are not so easy to fake, spoof, or duplicate in real-time, they have now taken the pole position in terms of identity proofing.” The General Manager of SureID, Ned Hayes, weighs in on how the use of biom etrics technology has evolved over the years, allowing governments and users to create stricter laws around human rights and...

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State of Identity – Ned Hayes Interview

Posted by on Feb 15, 2019 in Identity, tech, technology, Updates | 0 comments

Episode 107 Risk and Compliance Bridging the Physical/Digital Divide with Ned Hayes of SureID February 14, 2019 Join SureID General Manager Ned Hayes as he shares how SureID is bringing FBI-approved background checks to nearly 1,000 locations nationwide with military-grade biometric capture technology.  ...

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Taking ethical action in identity: 5 steps for better biometrics

Posted by on Jan 31, 2019 in Identity, tech, technology, Updates | 0 comments

| Published in Help Net Security this week: Taking Ethical Action in Identity – 5 Steps Towards Better Biometrics   Glance at your phone. Tap a screen. Secure access granted! This is the power of biometric identity at work. The convenience of unlocking your phone with a fingertip or your face is undeniable. But ethical issues abound in the biometrics field. The film Minority Report demonstrated one possible future, in terms of precise advertising targeting based on a face. But the Spielberg film also demonstrated some of the...

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Context Sensing in the Wild – New Proximity Awareness on Dell Laptops

Posted by on Jan 7, 2019 in Identity, Intel, tech, technology | 0 comments

My team at Intel spent the last few years working on this great new Context Sensing awareness system that will be announced on new Dell laptops at CES 2019. Congratulations to the Context team at Intel!  Dell’s new Latitude laptop can detect your presence and wake itself — Your laptop might already use your face to sign in, but Dell is taking it one step further. Ahead of CES 2019, the computer manufacturer has unveiled an updated version of its commercial 2-in-1, the Latitude 7400. These enterprise devices don’t usually come with the...

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How to be Smarter about Biometrics

Posted by on Dec 12, 2018 in software, tech, technology, Updates | 0 comments

| Article in Cyber Defense Magazine, January 2019 — Ned Hayes, General Manager, SureID Facial recognition, one of the most popular methods of biometric enrollment and customized marketing, will bring us to ultra-surveillance, targeted assassinations and Black Mirror-style oversight. At least, this is what critics of the technology would have you believe. Yet we don’t see such dystopian outcomes in commercial authentication and identity verification today. So why are these critics so concerned, and what can security professionals do to...

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Beating the DeepMasterPrint Exploit

Posted by on Dec 4, 2018 in Identity, tech, technology | 0 comments

DECEMBER 3, 2018 Philip Bontrager, lead researcher on the “DeepMasterPrint” fingerprint hack, thinks that the SureID process for high-fidelity fingerprint enrollment has multiple layers of protection against hackers. “The NYU research into DeepMasterPrint is fascinating, but it focuses on low-fidelity, smartphone-based authentication,” says Ned Hayes. “SureID’s system is built with patent-pending technology that prevents fraudulent activity.” Bontrager’s DeepMasterPrint uses artificial intelligence techniques to create a 3D representation of...

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The Biometric Threat – Some Preventative Measures

Posted by on Nov 28, 2018 in Identity, tech, Updates | 0 comments

|New post published by Technica Curiosa. Complete article here >> We live in an age where personal information is difficult to protect, and passwords are far from unbreakable. Recently, IBM surveyed nearly 4,000 people and learned that 67% are comfortable using biometrics, and 87% would be comfortable using biometric authentication in the future. Millennials are particularly comfortable with biometric security, with 75% reporting that they’re at ease with today’s technology. In fact, if you used a fingertip scan to log into your phone to read...

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Launch to Exit: The Oly Arts Success Story

Posted by on Oct 17, 2018 in publishing, software, Updates, writing | 0 comments

|Founder of local multi-platform publication group successfully sells off publication unit to local entrepreneur >> Coverage included: The Olympian: Founder Sells to Local Marketing LeaderSound Sound Business: Oly Arts Bought by Local Publisher OLY ARTS, the three-year-old multiplatform publication focused on arts and cultural events in Thurston County and surrounding regions, announced today that the publication has signed an acquisition agreement with local media expert Billy Thomas, who currently serves as the publication’s associate...

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