Taking Monday Off

My week (Or: why I’m taking Monday off)

Monday all-day meetings in Korea.
Tuesday breakfast in Korea, Lunch in Japan, Dinner in Seattle. Birthday when I landed. I think I lived that day twice, across time zones.

Wed & Thurs work started at 7 am. Thursday night, public Preview of the show I’m in at OFT with my family. Had a call with India at 8:30 pm. Show ended at 8:45. So I actually started my call back-stage, put the phone down, did the last scene and curtain call, and came back in time to the phone in time to close the deal with the India partner. At 9:30.

Friday began with a bang — 6 am prep for 7 am sprint planning with Argentina team. Non-profit Board meeting in the middle of the day. Followed by Opening Night tonight in this wonderful show. (Yes, Jill, I have all my lines memorized… I won’t let you down ; -)

Needless to say, I didn’t get much writing done this week.

So yeah, that’s why I’m taking Mon off.

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