Rumsfeld Not a Complete Idiot

Found an interesting presentation on collaboration. It’s from last year, but it does cover the basics of why social media works, focusing especially on organizational development — moving from a “need to know” to a “right to know” mindset. I was especially struck by the fact that Don Rumsfeld is quoted at length. Apparently, he (or one of his speechwriters) was not — is not — a total flaming idiotRelevant quotes from Rumsfeld:

“The two truly transforming things, conceivably, might be in information technology and information operation and networking and connecting things in ways that they function totally differently than they had previously.

And if that’s possible, what I just said, that possibly the single-most transforming thing in our force will not be a weapon system, but a set of interconnections and a substantially enhanced capability because of that awareness.

It can simply be in connectivity. It can be in interoperability. It can be in taking things that every single of which exists presently and managing them, using them, connecting them, arraying them in a way that has a result that is transformation.”

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, 8/9/2001,Town Hall Meeting, Washington, D.C.

Complete Presentation on Collaboration (April 2007) >>

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