Odd Jobs

I’ve always been interested in different perspectives, so… I have worked as a journeyman carpenter, as an elementary teacher, as a journalist, as a web-site programmer, as a university instructor, as a newspaper obituary writer, as a full-time novelist, as a hospital chaplain in ER and ICU units, as a technical evangelist (for software, not for any particular religion — unless you consider Microsoft a religion), as a marketing manager for Fortune 500s, as a nonprofit development director focused on childbirth issues,and as a manager and of very smart teams, most recently in the software industry for Intel. Today, I like managing software teams full-time, writing part-time, and focusing especially on being a great husband and father.

Here are a few other odd and interesting accomplishments:

I have been trained and certified as a deep water stress & rescue diver.

I have earned my living as a full-time mime and as a paid professional actor for summer stock theatre.

I know enough about childbirth and labor that I can successfully assist in the delivery of a baby. I’ve done it twice so far, in home-births. Both mom and children are doing fine.

Three people have died in front of me. They were supposed to. Their time had come, and I prayed with them as they left.

I have learned three languages well enough to be competent.

I have forgotten most of my first language (Chinese).

I have bicycled 1,600 miles in 12 days flat. Over the course of my 20s, I bicycled nearly 25,000 miles. I am a competent bicycle mechanic.

I have summited the tallest mountain in the continental United States – Mt. Whitney – along with various other peaks on the West Coast (Mt. St. Helens, Rainier, etc.)

I can juggle.

I have completed seven years of graduate studies.

I hold two graduate degrees, neither of which pertain to my day job.

I do magic for fun. My kids think I’m weird (and magical)

I’ve been a magazine editor and publisher of an arts magazine.

I am a published writer of books.

My most recent novel was endorsed by Temple Grandin and has become a national bestseller.

I taught kids with a variety of neural differences for four years. I based my most recent book partially on that experience.

In my life (so far), I’ve lived in Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China); Ogalla, Nebraska; Taijung, Taiwan; Palo Alto, California; Pasadena, California; Palmer, Alaska; Spokane, Washington; Rapid City, South Dakota; Los Angeles, California; Bellingham, Washington; Seattle, Washington (and half the week in San Jose, California or Ottawa, Canada); Olympia, Washington; St. Paul, Minnesota; Cordoba, Argentina; Olympia, Washington.     And holding…