Intel’s Next Generation Drone Platform with the Intel® Context Sensing SDK

The Intel® Context Sensing SDK surfaces the power of the Intel Integrated Sensor Solution and advanced sensor capabilities to power mobile, laptop and wearable apps. What if the Intel Context Sensing SDK could be used to understand a drone’s environment and even control a drone?  That’s the vision we set out to discover in this demo at Intel® Day Zero Google I/O in 2016. Our demo at the Intel Google I/O Day Zero Pre-Party demonstrated the integration of Intel’s Context Sensing SDK with Intel’s next generation drone platform for the collection and analysis of telemetry and environment sensing data. The demo highlighted how data collected by individual sensors on individual drones can be aggregated and processed for different use cases including authentication and...

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Multi-Modal Computing – What it could mean

Multi-Modal world, as envisioned, back in the day at Adobe. In 1998, there were research groups looking at multi-modality, and by 2000, folks involved in standards creation were already thinking about multi-modal inputs. Today, Google has a group devoted to multi-modal inputs, although the Wiki is a little bare. New stuff over at IBM on this topic. CTG (from whom I borrowed the accompanying graphic to this post), specializes in multi-modal input computing.   facial expression and gesture inputs Now that we have finger inputs, what about facial expressions? My wife said I was “smug” the other day. How did she read that expression? Could a computer read such a subtle expression? Or just sadness vs. smiling (small children find it difficult to tell...

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google spectrum – wireless everywhere

I’d call it hubris, except that Google actually has an achievable plan to change the entire way that we use wireless spectrum. In years past, of course, we’ve used this same spectrum for broadcast signals — from TV to radio. Yes, yes, I know Google’s proposal is specifically targeting the “white spaces” in this spectrum, but the word from news blogs that have tracked Google’s $4.6 billion attempt to win the 700mHz auction tells us that the “white space” proposal is just another way of getting what Google wanted in the first place. The Googlers want to turn the entire U.S. into one big wireless hot spot — simply by using spectrum that floods us right now (TV white space, etc.), but that carries no useful...

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