On Creative Work, by Ira Glass

Ira Glass is an inspiration to me. His work on “This American Life” is consistently entertaining, invigorating, intriguing and surprising. It’s a very creative show, constantly pushing the limits of the nonfiction documentary format. Yet, as Ira Glass shares in the video below… it took him years to figure out what he was doing. His great piece of advice here — to produce a large volume of work in order to find your voice and your expression — rings as true as anything I’ve ever read about the creative process. Please like &...

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Inspiring My Kids Through Example

Cross-posted to projects for a dad: I think that Kevin Kelly really put his finger on something when he talks about the models we provide for our children. After all, whatever my children see me doing is what they feel is “normal”, or “expected” for an adult. So if I’m writing and performing drama or if I’m carving pumpkins or spending time coding on the computer, my kids on some subliminal level will feel this is a “cool” adult activity. Science fiction author Neal Stephenson mentioned this first to Kelly when he note an unfinished kayak under a tarp. He said he was slowly working on it, in part to mentor his kids, even though they did no work on the boat, nor express the least bit of interest in this project....

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Farming as retro-tech

All sorts of news in the zeitgeist about how young folks my age and younger want to go back to nature. Not because of some mystical hippy connection with the backwoods, but out of a sort of Long-Now perspective on the world. Basically, they don’t think that the planet — or their kids — will survive without knowing about how food works, and how to be farmers. It’s an interesting juxtaposition of farming-in-the-backyards, coverage in the NY Times, an emphasis on last-days Peak Oil scenarios, and a feeling that all too soon we’ll all be living with horses and cows again (a trend? Maybe, maybe not….) there’s actually useful information about this. To cite just a few examples, seeNo Impact Man, a crazy stunt that thus far...

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