Great letter from JFK

Great letter from John F. Kennedy to a little girl who was concerned about Santa Claus during the Cold War. #JFK #Christmas #MerryChristmas Please like &...

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Glasses as the Ultimate Interface

Brain interface glasses! I have to admit this has been my ultimate dream, for a long time. In fact, I even wrote a chapter in my technology book about “invisible” or nearly invisible interfaces as the wave of the future. In February 2008, there’s finally a high-fidelity brain to computer interface — they even have an acronym (BCI)! As the article on GizMag points out, we may think we’ve come a long way, but the keyboard and mouse remain the predominant way we interface with computers. We’ve had the unfulfilled promise of handwriting and voice recognition and hope that something better will come along sooner or later. Perhaps this is it – brain computer interface technology pioneer Emotiv Systems will have its EPOC neuroheadset...

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google spectrum – wireless everywhere

I’d call it hubris, except that Google actually has an achievable plan to change the entire way that we use wireless spectrum. In years past, of course, we’ve used this same spectrum for broadcast signals — from TV to radio. Yes, yes, I know Google’s proposal is specifically targeting the “white spaces” in this spectrum, but the word from news blogs that have tracked Google’s $4.6 billion attempt to win the 700mHz auction tells us that the “white space” proposal is just another way of getting what Google wanted in the first place. The Googlers want to turn the entire U.S. into one big wireless hot spot — simply by using spectrum that floods us right now (TV white space, etc.), but that carries no useful...

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