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At PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), I’ve been instrumental in creating the Meshin platform and mobile app. Meshin analyzes communications in real-time and provides insight into your activity with a new user experience on Android and iPhone. Here’s a recent video from the Mobilize 2011 conference:

About Mobilize Conference

The cultural, social and business necessities of being connected everywhere have inspired designers and technologists to build new products and create new markets. Never before have we stood at such a precipice of technological innovation with nearly endless potential at every level for new opportunity ranging from hardware, software and services.

Mobile Big Data
We give you a clear insight into what’s behind the most exciting products and services out there – data. We look at how services will be innovated, created and shaped by data. Come stock up on ideas for services and innovate.

Internet of Things
Kickstarter has seen much activity and show much public demand for smart, intelligent and connected devices with services that are very specific. This is also true on the industrial side. Is this what will happen when mobile meets cloud and hardware prices drop to almost nothing?

On the Shoulders of Ethnographers
Did you know the netbook category was created by an ethnographer? What other boom categories for products and services will be uncovered by ethnographers and their research? We present some of the most interesting insights into public behavior that provide indicators of where entrepreneurs should be looking next.

Networks and Cloud Services
As devices become physical “avatars” for services in the cloud we look at the relationship between emerging network architectures and technologies and the new innovative services that they will facilitate. What will the networks have to cope with as consumers demand service specific services through custom hardware?

The ultimate poster child for the success of mobile big data is and health. We believe this sector will boom in the next 3 years and we look at the big players, therefore leadership and the technologies and market fit that will make a success.

Analytics and Products
Which came first – the data or the product? We look at how data and analytics from apps, the network and other sources are being used to birth innovative new services and products that are flying off the shelves. Data is the new plastic.


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