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Print / Online Coverage

(last updated 2018)

Five Books: The Eagle Tree as a Top 5 Book on Autism

The Olympian – New Book, ‘The Eagle Tree’ set in Olympia

Transformations – “How Kindle Scout Transformed A Life”

Huffington Post Books – Tales of Hard Winters Long Ago
(Sinful Folk Preview)

New Zealand Life Magazine – Book Review: An Honest Depiction (The Eagle Tree)

South Sound Magazine – New and Recommended Pacific Northwest Books (The Eagle Tree)

Oly Arts & Culture – Author Interview – “A Narrator with an Unusual Voice”

The News-Tribune – Ned Hayes’ New Book: The Eagle Tree

Agenda Magazine: “The Eagle Tree by Ned Hayes”

Bellingham Herald – The Eagle Tree – New Book Set in Olympia

South Sound Magazine

LinkedIn Stories – The Real Tree that Inspired My Bestselling Novel

The Chronicle Papers – Regional Coverage – Libraries Now Offer Access to Indie Books

The Pacific Northwest Inlander – Trade Secrets: Telling the Truth with Ned Hayes

Seattle Wrote: Ned Hayes Interview – Writing a Truthful 14th Century Story

Radio/Television Coverage

Book Note – Video Interview – Sinful Folk

Book Note – Video Interview – Coeur d’Alene Waters

Oly Pop Rocks PODCAST – Interview with Ned Hayes (Audio Interview)

MIXX 96 FM – Radio Interview with Dick Pust

WDEV-AM&FM Burlington Vermont — LIVE w/Mark Johnson, AM&FM combo

TCTV Television Interview – Talking Heads Youth Public Television 

WBZ / CBS News Boston & Minneapolis 30 min live w/Jordan Rich

WNEW-FM / Washington DC “A Good Read” w/Judlyne Lilly

WMKT-AM/ Michigan — “Purple Hayes – Books & the Superbowl” w/Vic McCarthy

Genesis Radio – interview on ”Jim Brown’s Common Sense”, nationally syndicated

WGDT-FM/Milwaukee WI w/Greg Berg, National Public Radio (NPR)

KDVS-FM/Sacramento CA Doug Everett – live on ”Radio Parallax”, top-rated FM

KIRO-FM/Seattle WA “Valentine’s Day in the Middle Ages” w/Ron & Don

WGDR-FM Goddard College, Vermont Public Radio Station
        “Magical Mystery Tour” 2 hours live w/Tonio Epstein, NPR

WLW-AM/Cincinnati “History of Valentine’s Day” live w/Bill Cunningham

Book Reviews

Print Reviews

Five Books: The Eagle Tree as a Top 5 Book on Autism

Book List * Starred Review * Review of Sinful Folk – “Brilliantly conceived and beautifully executed” 

Historical Novels Review – Review of Sinful Folk “Riveting, poetic… a rich tapestry”

Wilderness of Mirrors: Book Reviews

Wilderness of Mirrors: David Huddle Review and Endorsement

The Eagle Tree: Book Reviews

New Zealand Life Magazine – Book Review: An Honest Depiction in The Eagle Tree

The Eagle Tree Video Review: Ethan’s Video Review

TLC Book Tours: The Eagle Tree Book Tour

The Eagle Tree Review: Mel’s Shelves

The Eagle Tree: Show This Book Some Love

Reading The Eagle Tree: A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall

The Eagle Tree Review: 100 Pages a Day…Stephanie’s Book Reviews

The Eagle Tree Review: Tina Says…

The Eagle Tree Review: Not in Jersey

The Eagle Tree Review: Lectus

The Eagle Tree Review: No More Grumpy Bookseller

The Eagle Tree Review: Patricia’s Wisdom

The Eagle Tree Review: Worth Getting in Bed For

The Eagle Tree Review: BookNAround

The Eagle Tree Review: She’s Got Books On Her Mind

The Eagle Tree Review: My So-Called Book Reviews

The Eagle Tree Review: Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile

The Eagle Tree Review: Helen’s Book Blog

The Eagle Tree

Sinful Folk: Book Reviews

Sinful Folk Book Tour Review: TLC Book Blog Tour

Ned Hayes Interview: Layered Pages Author Interview and Book Preview

Sinful Folk Book Review: You’ve GOTTA Read This!

Sinful Folk Book Review: 100 Pages a Day … Stephanie’s Book

Sinful Folk Book Review: Words for Worms

Sinful Folk Book Review: What She Read

Sinful Folk Book Review: M. Denise C.

Sinful Folk Book Review: No More Grumpy Bookseller

Sinful Folk Book Review: From the TBR Pile

Sinful Folk Book Review: Svetlana’s Reads and Views

Sinful Folk Book Review: Peeking Between the Pages

Sinful Folk Book Tour Review: nightly reading

Sinful Folk Book Review: Sara’s Organized Chaos

Sinful Folk Book Review: Cerebral Girl in a Redneck World

Sinful Folk Book Review: BoundbyWords

Sinful Folk Book Review: West Metro Mommy

Sinful Folk Book Review: Unabridged Chick

Author Interview: We Do Write – Interview with Ned Hayes

Reading and Event: Ned Hayes Appears At Auntie’s Bookstore

Sinful Folk

Coeur d’Alene Waters: Book Reviews

Coeur d’Alene Waters Book Review: No One is Innocent in This Novel

Coeur d’Alene Waters Book Review: Chapter of Dreams – This Book Has It All

Coeur d’Alene Waters Book Review: BookNote Featured Review on Coeur d’Alene Waters

Coeur d’Alene Waters Book Lady: Review – Like Steinbeck, weaknesses, but with potential

Coeur d’Alene Waters