Leaving Intel

*A note that I sent my team at Intel today, after nearly seven years of great work together

READ an update to this post with details about my new role at Sterling as GM for SureID >> 

Team –

I’m leaving Intel. It’s bittersweet because we’ve done so many amazing things together, but I have an opportunity I simply can’t turn down in the startup space. I’m leaving to become GM/CEO of a company in the biometrics authentication space.

I’ve been at Intel for nearly 7 years and I deeply appreciate the camaraderie and professionalism of all the people at Intel. It’s just time for me to move on, so I can keep learning and growing.

Favorite memories at Intel include getting OpenVINO out the door at Embedded Vision this year to great acclaim, shepherding the GPA team during Gary’s sabbatical, presenting our software on the show floor to thousands of developers at Google I/O Day Zero with a set of outstanding software engineers (3 years running!), enjoying Mobile World Congress with Jeff McVeigh, moving my family to Argentina in 2013 for Intel to be on-site there with the fantastic Intel Cordoba engineering team for half a year, and launching the Context Sensing SDK in the IDF keynote demo in 2015, presenting on stage with BK and Doug Fisher.

I’d like to thank Claire for her partnership, Stewart and Al for their companionship on the journey, and the stellar colleagues in VCP, especially Vladimir, Jeff M, Mrinal, Neena and Neelay.

Thank you for all we’ve done together – keep striving to create excellent software and happy customers!

Best regards,               — Ned

* some edits made for confidentiality

READ an update to this post with details about my new role at Sterling as GM for SureID >> 



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  1. Erich Brown
    Jun 27, 2018

    Beautiful sentiment

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