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internet in your pocket

Intel is suddenly trying to make a case that they can lead the charge in what they’ve designated as“Mobile Internet Devices” (MIDs) — but it’s clear to any observer that they’re just playing catch-up to Apple. Fortunately, they have this great Core Duo relationship with Apple — so perhaps the rising iPhone tide can lift Intel’s ship.

This morning’s NY Times) notes a significant gap in the Intel positioning — “the first generation of Intel’s MID technology will be aimed at data, not voice communications, leaving the company out of the market for smartphones. That has not damped the enthusiasm of Intel executives who foresee a proliferation of devices ranging from advanced ultracompact laptops to small, tablet-size devices that will be used for browsing the Web, navigation and Internet chat, rather than voice communications.”

This is a really significant lack of forward-thinking on Intel’s part — because the future mobile Web is NOT just a browsing-on-smaller devices web. Instead, it will be a voice-activated, and voice-enabled multimedia messaging future. That’s a lot of words to just say that voice is crucial as a control stream for any future computing device (large or small). Thus, as the Times article notes: “the weak link in the Intel strategy is that voice communication remains a significant factor for consumers choosing to buy hand-held devices.”

I’d go even further. People aren’t just making calls on mobile devices — they view voice as just another messaging client, and another way (with NLP and voice recognition apps) of controlling computing actions. Fixed/Mobile Convergence is happening not only on the landline side, but also on the computing side. In the near term, it seems clear to me that I will take/make a message from a device and will often not even know (or care) whether the message was originally in voice or in text. The distinction will increasingly cease to matter. More on this at VON Magazine >>

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