Intel in Shenzhen – Context Sensing SDK

Intel in Shenzhen – Context Sensing SDK


I’m very proud of what my smart team at Intel has accomplished over the last year, and I’m excited to see our tools demonstrated at the Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF) in Shenzhen 2015 this week in China.

Our team has delivered a useful set of context-aware tools that can be seen in several games and Android apps on the show floor at IDF Shenzhen 2015. You can get the “Intel Context Sensing SDK” toolset here:

And here’s some more information about the Intel Context Sensing SDK.

Context Sensing SDK surfaces the power of Intel’s sensor hub and advanced sensor capabilities to power mobile and Web apps, thru standard RESTful APIs, dynamic algorithms and state machines, married to Intel’s next-generation Intel Integrated Sensor Solution for Android, with all your data aggregated to a world-class Mashery-managed cloud service.

Context Sensing SDK is an Android library that helps you easily incorporate services and context aware capabilities in your Android applications. The SDK is flexible, offering several methods to use the services, either independently or in combination. The SDK includes Context APIs, which are useful to create context aware applications by taking advantage of many built-in context types providers. What is more, the SDK includes a Rules Engine that enables you to create rules based on the context and trigger actions once the conditions are met.

You can download and use the Intel Context Sensing SDK here >>



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