Ethics and AI at GlueCon

I’m excited to be giving a new and interesting talk on Ethics, AI and algorithm design at Glue Con this year (May 16-17, 2018).

Glue Conference - May 16-17th 2018I can’t really spell out all the details before you go to the conference and see the talk — so get ye to Glue Con to find out more and listen to a number of great interesting technical talks.

TITLE: Ethics and AI: Thinking about the Implications of Algorithmic Design within Semi-Autonomous Systems.


As we design increasingly autonomous systems, the role of ethical decision-making in real-time system outcomes can’t be ignored. Ned Hayes will use Intel’s existing Computer Vision and Media SDKs to demonstrate the possible implications of autonomous action in vehicle and digital surveillance scenarios. He’ll outline some of the significant open questions in ethics and AI and venture some thoughts on how to design better algorithms that create ethical outcomes that don’t suck.


Slides for the presentation can be found at this post:

Final overview of presentation and slides


Ned Hayes was educated in the business of technology at Xerox PARC, Vulcan Labs, Stanford University and in the startup trenches. He also has studied ethics at a graduate level at UC Berkeley Grad Theological Union, Seattle University and Luther Seminary. At Intel, Ned leads a joint solutions team that focuses on autonomous vehicle algorithms and digital surveillance. He is also a member of Intel’s internal ethics working group.

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