Beyond Microsoft: Index

Read the prologue and three complete chapters for free online…. and buy the ebook on Amazon.

PART I: Beating Microsoft 1994 – 2004

PART II: Burying Microsoft 2004 – 2014

PART III: Beyond Microsoft 2014 – 2024

  • Chapter 9: Pebbles Start An Avalanche… Disaggregation and Profit Vectors
  • Chapter 10: Minting Money from Mayhem… Riding the Revenue Wave
  • Chapter 11: Plugging into Purchasing Power… Consumers as Creators
  • Chapter 12: A Totality of Tipping Points… Computers, Connection, Consilience


  • A Timeline – Emerging Players, Vectors of Growth as Microsoft Dies
  • How to Win in the new Global Software Market (2024 and Beyond)

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