Curriculum Vita: Scholarly and Academic Expertise

 Current Academic Resume also available as an Adobe PDF file.

Scholarly & Teaching Interests

Creative Writing / Technology & Change / Cultural Diaspora and Post-Colonial Narratives / Feminist Theologies Multicultural & Diverse Narratives / Mythic and Sacred Histories / Multimodal Communication


Published Books (Fiction)

The Eagle Tree Literary Novel, contemporary setting         Little A Books, New York City       2016 National bestselling novel: sold 80,000+ copies, Prime Reading Selection and Kindle First pick. Nominated for Washington State Book Award and The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award. Endorsed by Sherman Alexie, Temple Grandin, Steve Silberman,, many more.

Sinful Folk        Literary Novel, Medieval Setting         Campanile Books, New York City     2014 Historical fiction bestselling novel, BookList and Historical Novel Reviews starred reviews. Nominated for Pacific Northwest Booksellers Award, regional bestseller

Coeur d’Alene Waters Mainstream Mystery, Contemporary Setting    Prospero Books, NYC     2013

Forthcoming Books (Fiction)

Real World of Jasper Hunter    Futuristic Literary Novel           Forthcoming (in process)      2018 New novel under contract to Little A Books (NYC) as part of two book deal with The Eagle Tree.

Wilderness of Mirrors    SF/F Speculative Fiction Novel Forthcoming (in process)       2018

MFA Thesis read and endorsed by David Huddle, Jim Heynen, Tim Powers, Cory Doctorow.


Books (Poetry)

Glossolalia: Selected Poems 1996-2006 Poetry Book – Windstorm, Port Orchard                   2009

Truth with Words: Some Quantum Effects Poetry Chapbook – Starnotes Editions, Seattle        2001


Masters of Fine Arts     Rainier Writing Workshop, Pacific Lutheran University               2015

         Thesis: Wilderness of Mirrors, A Novel of the War on Terror (250,000 words)

Master of Divinity        Seattle University / Luther Seminary, St. Paul MN    Luther Heritage Fellowship
         Thesis: Technological Enhancement & Postmodern Thought in Process Theology. Degree Incomplete

Master of Arts, English Literature           Western Washington University   Bellingham WA    1996 

Thesis: “Dark Descent: Parabolic Disjunction in Milton and Spenser’s Presentation of Fall Narratives”

Bachelor of Arts, English Literature        Whitworth College Spokane WA     magna cum laude 

Academic Employment

St. Martin’s University                             Olympia, Washington                                               2003-2012

Visiting Faculty (English Department, half-time teaching load, while working in software full-time)

“Am. Literature 312: American Literature Since 1800: Emphasis on Multicultural & Black Literature(s)” Experience: Advanced Literature course for upperclassmen. Created and taught new multicultural curriculum with diverse student population, based on standard American literature survey course.  Research paper component.

“English 225: Creating the Polylogue: Writing Professionally for Academic Audiences”
Experience: Advanced writing class for English majors focused on writing in the academy, for scholars.
Class used computer-assisted technologies and online revision groups for all writing assignments.

“English 105: Basic Academic & Creative Forms of Writing for College Students
Experience: Standard writing class, included academic modes, personal reflection, standards of discourse.


St. Andrews Center                                   Seattle, Washington                                                          2000-2003

Invited Guest Instructor       (quarter-time teaching load, while working in software full-time)

“Writing for Yourself: Creative Writing for Personal, Spiritual and Family Exploration”
Experience: Class for adult poets and writers, integrating faith perspectives into poetry & fiction.

Paradise Lost: Theology, Drama, Rhetoric & Cultural Play in Milton’s Epic Poem”
Experience: Particular emphasis on historical precedent, modern interpretation, and philosophical context.


Seattle Pacific University                           Seattle, Washington                                                          1997-2003

Adjunct Faculty        (English Department, half-time teaching load while working in marketing full-time)

“English 250: Essays & Experience: Academic Writing” Experience: Basic academic discourse skills.

“English 340: Writing Using Electronic Research” Experience: Advanced writing class focused on both technology and writing. Taught technologies such as HTML, XML, and technical online protocols alongside standard writing, editing and revision practices. Combination of both technical and library research skills.


Western Washington University               Bellingham, Washington                                               1994-1996

Graduate Teaching Fellow (English Department, with up to a half-time teaching load)

“English 101: College Composition”         Experience: Basic writing, multi-cultural literatures, holistic grading. Won competitive teaching fellowship to become a paid instructor in Western’s English Studies program.

“English 255: Introduction to Asian-American Literatures.” Experience: Asian-American Literature(s), literary origins, expatriate narratives, post-colonial context, holistic grading and discussion leadership.


Related Experience

Macalester College                                    St. Paul, Minnesota                                                             2006-2007

Teaching Theological Intern (Center for Religious & Spiritual Life, partial teaching load)

Teaching included: Philosophy & Ethics, Theology of the Cross, Kierkegaard’s Faith Journey, Buddhism
& Christianity, and Monotheistic Sisters: Islam, Judaism & Christianity, and other topics.

Academic and Magazine Publications

Articles in Book: Divine Aporia: Dialogue with the Other

–         “Whole Altarity: towards a feminist a/theology” focuses on postmodern theology in the context of a deconstructive critique of Mark C. Taylor’s theology, emphasis on feminist perspectives. Article
anthologized in Divine Aporia: Dialogue with the Other. Religion & Philosophy, Bucknell Press                 2000


Academic Articles in Journals

–   “Symbol & Cyborg: Karl Rahner’s RealSymbol” Article on post-human literature and cyborg reading. Submitted for publication by Zygon, science & theology journal. Chicago. Forthcoming Spring    2018


Articles / Conference Papers Presented


– “Symbol & Cyborg: Karl Rahner’s Body in the Context of the Post-Human” Accepted for Presentation
European Conference on Science and Theology
, Science & Orthodoxy                                       April 2006

– “Post-Organic Readings: What Does Noosphere say to Godsphere?” Accepted for Presentation
Science, Politics, Religion    
Institute for Liberal Studies, Kentucky State University              May 2006

– “A Thousand Flowers: Asian-American Teaching Curriculums” Analysis of the varied approaches to teaching Asian-American literature. University of Oregon Graduate Symposium                                            May 1997

– “The Online Polylogue: Teaching College Thinking Skills with New Computer Technologies” Special Invited Presentation/Lecture to Western Washington Dept. of English                                 June 1996

– “Tellyng how this werd was wrought: the N-Town compilatio as corpus verum.” Body Theology & Text presented at Medieval and Renaissance Seminar, University of Western Ontario, Canada     March 1996

– “Towards a whole altarity: a praxis of feminist a/theology.” at “Christianity & Literature: Approaches to the Other” Christianity and Literature West Coast Conference.” Santa Clara University, CA  May 1995

– “Chamanco Nirvana: Frank Waters’ Vision of Mine Shaft Enshrinement as Buddhist Meditation”
Western Literature Conference        Taos, New Mexico                                                                   June 1992

Books (Poetry) 

– Glossalia: Selected Poems 1996-2006 Poetry Book – Orchard House Mainline, Port Orchard Washington 2006

– Truth with Words: Some Quantum Effects Poetry Chapbook – Starnotes Editions, Seattle Washington 2001


– “Ending” Simul: Lutheran Voices vol. 1 St. Paul, MN 2006
– “Praying with One Eye Open” Seattle Theology Review vol. 5 Seattle, WA 2005
– “When You Left the Other Side” TWIG vol 6.8 Seattle, WA 2003
– “Abomination” Slipstream vol 1.3 Portland, OR 2003
– “Child” TWIG vol 6.7 Seattle, WA 2002
– “Revelations” TWIG vol 6.6 Seattle, WA 2002
– “Orpheus Returns” Candlewick vol 4.1 Portsmouth, NH 2001
– “Advice for a writer.” Amelia Magazine vol. 25.3 Bakersfield, CA 1997
– “Elegy: For Doug Dykstra.” Lost Creek vol. 23 Etching, PA 1995
– “Transfiguration.” Mid-American Review vol. 13.2 Bowling Green 1992


– “Lands without Weather.” serialized fiction, quarterly publication StoryScape, Los Angeles 1991-1996
– “Street Death” “Praying for Rain – Any Damn Rain” 1995-1996
– “Loveless” “On Seeing an Old Man” 1994-1995
– “Halo Effect” “Cloudbusting” “Orange Neon” 1992-1993
– “Shallow Water” “You Called It” 1991
– “Swimming with Charon.” Short Story collected in The Zahn Anthology, Los Angeles 1992
Winner of “Emerging Writer” Award at Public Reading for Los Angeles Zahn Memorial.

Non-Fiction & Journalism
(Features Stories, Human Interest Journalism, Book & Movie Reviews, Etc.)

Since 1990, I have been a regularly published writer for regional publications, writing both literary and opinion pieces, beat coverage and straight journalism for regional, alternative, and mainstream newspapers.

– Publisher & Featured Columnist. OLY ARTS,  alternative newspaper, Olympia.                       2010-present

– Lead Writer, Featured Columnist. South Sounder, alternative newspaper, Olympia.                   2003 – 2005

– Regular Freelance human interest features. Gannett Newspaper: The Olympian.                       2003 – 2004

– Numerous feature-length articles in Hot Ink Magazine (online publication)                          1998 – 2000

– Free-lance features in Pasadena Weekly, The Rocket, Seattle Weekly, Seattle Times.                       1990 – 1995

– Numerous cover features, Lifestyle section. Gannett Paper: The Bellingham Herald.                      1994 – 1996

Other Work In Process / Under Consideration

Conference Papers & Articles

– “Cyborg Eschatology: A Whiteheadian Perspective on Post-Organic Embodiment” submitted to

                      Conference on Theology & Science                                                          Spring 2017   Submitted

Other Work In Process / Under Consideration 

Book (Non-Fiction) – Beyond Microsoft: The Next Generation of Software Innovation Book Completed Nonfiction Business Analysis Under Consideration by Harper Collins Business 2007

Conference Papers & Articles
– “Cyborg Eschatology: A Whiteheadian Perspective on Post-Organic Embodiment” submitted to Conference on Theology & Science, Spring 2007 Submitted Fall 2006

Other Professional Activities

Member, Faculty/Teacher AWP / Associated Writing Programs 2003-2007

Contributing Editor, Image Online Christian Literature Journal 2004-2006

Director & Organizer “Paradise Lost: A Day-Long Performance & Reading” April 2003
Celebration of John Milton’s Poem co-sponsored by Washington Center for the Book, Image journal. Included professional actors from Seattle Repertory Theatre and Seattle Opera. TV and radio coverage.

Conference Sessions Led “Writing Online: Panel Discussion” Seattle, WA 1998 & 1999
Pacific Northwest Writer’s Conference Panel Discussion Creator/Moderator (Formulated panel topics, recruited panelists from Hot Ink,, Slate Magazine, The New Republic, MSNBC, etc.)


Mandarin Chinese Fluent in Chinese between 1-12, currently somewhat conversant in modern Chinese.

French In translation, reading knowledge (my language for first graduate studies at Western)

German In translation (recently renewed my German while working on Lutheran theologians)

Greek New Testament Koine Greek for work in translation of the Christian New Testament.