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On Being Curious

Ned HayesI write on topics ranging from biometric authentication to post-modern theology to genetic engineering to bicycle hacking to medieval manuscripts. On this site, I post thoughts about identity validation, context awareness and predictive analytics. You can find out about my career in tech or my writing here. (Today, I am a proud Sterling / SureID employee, and my employer is not accountable or liable for my opinions.)


Technical Career

I’m currently the General Manager for SureID and the Vice President for biometric authentication at Sterling Talent Solutions. I have had a fascinating career working with marvelous technical teams to launch products and solutions around Biometric Authentication, Context Awareness, and Identity Solutions. I’ve had the pleasure of being part of dynamic teams at Adobe, Microsoft, Xerox PARC and Intel. You can read more about my career in technology and here’s my current work resume.


On Writing

On my other site NedNote.comI post more extensive updates on my novel-writing adventures as well as stories of publication, editing, and excerpts from my novels. My novel The Eagle Tree (Little A, 2016) was a national bestseller, and was featured by Steve Silberman as one of the top 5 books on the autistic experience. My other novels include the bestselling historical novel Sinful Folk

My writing on this site is generally available via a Creative Commons license.


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