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On being Curious

Ned HayesI write on topics ranging from technology mobility to post-modern theology to genetic engineering to bicycle hacking to medieval manuscripts to child-rearing and off-the-grid living. On this site, I post thoughts about technology, context awareness and predictive analytics. You can find out about my career in technology or my writing here as well. (I am a proud Intel employee, and my employer is not accountable or liable for my opinions.)


On Writing

On my other site NedNote.comI post more extensive updates on my novel-writing adventures as well as stories of publication, editing, and excerpts from my novels. My bestselling historical novel Sinful Folk was widely featured in print and online publications. My forthcoming new novel is The Eagle Tree

My writing here is generally — though not always — available via a Creative Commons license.

If you’re interested in putting anything here into dead-tree format, please contact my literary agent. Thanks!


Where is Ned today?

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