Taking ethical action in identity: 5 steps for better biometrics

| Published in Help Net Security this week: Taking Ethical Action in Identity – 5 Steps Towards Better Biometrics   Glance at your phone. Tap a screen. Secure access granted! This is the power of biometric identity at work. The convenience of unlocking your phone with a fingertip or your face is undeniable. But ethical issues abound in the biometrics field. The film Minority Report demonstrated one possible future, in terms of precise advertising targeting based on a face. But the Spielberg film also demonstrated some of the downsides of biometrics – the stunning lack of privacy and consumer protection. What’s fascinating is that many of these concerns were anticipated over a century ago. In 1890, Louis Brandeis advocated privacy protection when he...

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Context Sensing in the Wild – New Proximity Awareness on Dell Laptops

My team at Intel spent the last few years working on this great new Context Sensing awareness system that will be announced on new Dell laptops at CES 2019. Congratulations to the Context team at Intel!  Dell’s new Latitude laptop can detect your presence and wake itself — Your laptop might already use your face to sign in, but Dell is taking it one step further. Ahead of CES 2019, the computer manufacturer has unveiled an updated version of its commercial 2-in-1, the Latitude 7400. These enterprise devices don’t usually come with the most exciting technologies, but this one is different. The new Latitude 7400 device comes equipped with a feature that can actually sense your presence and use Windows Hello to log you in. Dell calls the feature...

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