Beat Box Breakdown

Christmas 2018 — I invented and created from scratch a new board game for my 16 year old son, Nick, whose favorite music genre (currently) is hip-hop and contemporary rap. The game is called Beat Box Breakdown, and I’m exploring options to fully productize and produce the game for the mass market (so yes, there are trademarks and patents in motion, because that’s how I roll). Here are some pictures, as well as some of the instructions for the game. Your hip-hop journey in Beat Box Breakdown travels in a clockwise spiral as you move from listener to garage rapping to freestyling in local venues to national online acclaim and then opening in national stadiums, culminating in Coachella, Los Angeles and finally opening at the Madison Square Garden....

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How to be Smarter about Biometrics

| Article in Cyber Defense Magazine, January 2019 — Ned Hayes, General Manager, SureID Facial recognition, one of the most popular methods of biometric enrollment and customized marketing, will bring us to ultra-surveillance, targeted assassinations and Black Mirror-style oversight. At least, this is what critics of the technology would have you believe. Yet we don’t see such dystopian outcomes in commercial authentication and identity verification today. So why are these critics so concerned, and what can security professionals do to alleviate their concerns? By 2024, the market for facial recognition applications and related biometric functions is expected to grow at a 20% compounded rate to almost $15.4 billion. Already, almost 245 million video...

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Beating the DeepMasterPrint Exploit

DECEMBER 3, 2018 Philip Bontrager, lead researcher on the “DeepMasterPrint” fingerprint hack, thinks that the SureID process for high-fidelity fingerprint enrollment has multiple layers of protection against hackers. “The NYU research into DeepMasterPrint is fascinating, but it focuses on low-fidelity, smartphone-based authentication,” says Ned Hayes. “SureID’s system is built with patent-pending technology that prevents fraudulent activity.” Bontrager’s DeepMasterPrint uses artificial intelligence techniques to create a 3D representation of many prints, all of them derived from low-fidelity situations such as smartphone fingerprint login sensors. Bontrager agrees that the SureID solution is secured in ways that are inaccessible to the DeepMasterPrint exploit....

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