Explainer: Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Vehicles

You’ve heard of autonomous vehicles — cars that can drive themselves. But what you may not know is that there are actually multiple levels of possible autonomy, and we’re living with some of those early levels now with newer vehicles that includes advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). These systems help with safety and comfortable driving. The potential systems grow in complexity and autonomy from there: the Society of Automotive Engineers defines six levels of automotive automation, explained here: Level 0: No Automation — Zero autonomy; the driver performs all the driving, but the vehicle can aid with blind spot detection, forward collision warnings, and lane departure warnings. Level 1: Driver Assistance — The vehicle may have some...

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Ethics and AI at GlueCon

I’m excited to be giving a new and interesting talk on Ethics, AI and algorithm design at Glue Con this year (May 16-17, 2018). I can’t really spell out all the details before you go to the conference and see the talk — so get ye to Glue Con to find out more and listen to a number of great interesting technical talks. TITLE: Ethics and AI: Thinking about the Implications of Algorithmic Design within Semi-Autonomous Systems. SESSION DESCRIPTION As we design increasingly autonomous systems, the role of ethical decision-making in real-time system outcomes can’t be ignored. Ned Hayes will use Intel’s existing Computer Vision and Media SDKs to demonstrate the possible implications of autonomous action in vehicle and digital surveillance scenarios....

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