The Eagle Tree — 2016 Novel

THE EAGLE TREE is now available from your local bookstores (Indies first!),  Amazon and Barnes & Noble.           THE EAGLE TREE is published by Little A. Thank you to all my early readers for your support and encouragement! Endorsed by Steve Silberman, Temple Grandin, Francisco X. Stork and Susan Senator, The Eagle Tree will appeal to readers who enjoyed Mark Haddon’s award-winning Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time or Jim Lynch’s The Highest Tide.  Fourteen-year-old March Wong knows everything there is to know about trees. They are his passion and his obsession, even after his recent fall—and despite social services’ threat to take him away from his mother if she doesn’t keep him out of their branches. But the young autistic boy just cannot...

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God and the Robots

I am writing a non-fiction book called God and the Robots. Here’s a first look at my early book proposal.  ——————————————– In the summer of 2015, two stories were on the front page of the New York Times. The stories did not appear to be related. The first was an announcement that a group of technical luminaries – including Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking – had signed a statement calling for governments to outlaw the building of autonomous killing weapons, or so-called “Terminator” machines.[1] The other was a story about a well-meaning robot called “hitchBot” being destroyed by vandals while hitchhiking across the United States.[2] The first story was about how...

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