Great letter from JFK

Great letter from John F. Kennedy to a little girl who was concerned about Santa Claus during the Cold War. #JFK #Christmas #MerryChristmas Please like &...

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Thank you for a great year in publishing!

I want to thank you for a marvelous year. In 2014, SINFUL FOLK became a #1 Historical Fiction bestseller on Amazon, received a nomination for the Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s Award, has been reviewed by a number of amazing top authors, is featured at great bookstores like Elliott Bay Bookstore and Powell’s Books, was on several top 10 lists, and has sold amazingly well. I did in-person readings of the book at bookstores up and down the West Coast — my favorites were readings at Auntie’s Bookstore in Spokane and in my hometown of Olympia, where I read accompanied by a great upright bass player at Orca Books. Primarily, I have my readers to thank for this success — thank you for all your reading, good thoughts, and lovely reviews!...

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On Police Power — Bringing Peace or Fear

Peace or Fear (I’m posting this on the day when a police officer was NOT indicted for choking Eric Garner to death without any overt provocation. Here’s the news story, and the actual video and audio tape) A few years ago, I did a ride along with the sheriffs department in Thurston County. The officer I was assigned was thoughtful, judicious, and extremely diplomatic. He defused about three situations we saw that day. Finally, we pulled up at a domestic violence situation at exactly the same time as another officer. My man turned to me and said “Well, I know this guy, and you’re about to see two different styles of policework here today. ” He was right. My guy walked in to bring the peace. The other guy walked in with the intent to...

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