Review: Sinful Folk, Bookish Girl

New Review from Bookish Girl on her Summer Reading Project blog Sinful Folk, by Ned Hayes There are secrets behind secrets behind even more secrets in Ned Hayes’Sinful Folk. Just when you think you’ve gotten to the bottom of everything in this dark tale of justice, Hayes reveals something that turns everything around. And lurking behind the story is the actual history, making you wonder just how much of the fiction is actually fiction, and how much might actually have happened all those centuries ago. The writing is spare. Nothing is embellished. Nothing needs to be. But you’ll need to pay attention to every word and take nothing for granted. Five boys died a terrible death in December 1377. Their parents, maddened by grief set off from their...

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Review: “Heartbreaking, Beautiful Novel”

Re-blogged from   What an absolutely heartbreaking, yet beautiful, novel. This is a historical fiction novel that takes place in the 1300’s in England. It follows Mear (aka Miriam), a woman disguised as a mute man, as she and a group of men from her village go on a journey to get justice for their dead sons. Mear lives in fear that her many secrets will be revealed and that she will be killed because of them.   You can’t help but feel for Mear while reading this. Not only is she filled with fear but she is also filled with grief over her tragic loss. Her emotions just spilled out on the pages and she came to life. I still cringe when I think about what happened to her throughout this novel....

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