Can Art Save a Life? (Rothko and Pollock)

I read on Brainpickings recently that Mark Rothko, the marvelous abstract expressionist painter, said that when people “weep” when seeing his paintings they are having the same transcendent experience he had when he painted.   Transcendence is an interesting word. It made me remember once when Rothko’s work might just have saved someone’s life.     Ten years ago, I was in divinity school, studying theology and quite seriously considering taking religious orders (albeit as a closet agnostic). Part of my practical training was working as a ER hospital chaplain, and I was on call to comfort the dying and give succor to the injured.   Often, I was called in by hospital doctors or nursing staff to help people find a way towards a peaceful ending or...

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About Reviews and Reviewers

Here’s a little explanation on why I just thank reviewers, and say no more…   ———————– I really like what Neil Gaiman said about reviews recently:   “Several people wanted to know my opinion on Anne Rice’s recent outburst on (Here’s the book in question, for the curious — Anne’s response is in among the reviews)   I think that unless a reviewer gets their facts completely wrong, the author should shut up (and even then, the author should probably let it go — although I’m a big fan of a letter that James Branch Cabell wrote to the New York Times pointing out that their review of FIGURES OF EARTH was bollocks*).   As Kingsley Amis said, a...

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William Dietrich Endorsement — Sinful Folk

  “‘Sinful Folk’ is a beautiful and bleak tale – a murder mystery and a journey of personal revelation – of English commoners making an unimaginable journey of two hundred miles to seek justice and answers. Ned Hayes takes the reader on a time machine trip to the harsh and hopeful life that ordinary people really lived.” Great endorsement in email today for my novel Sinful Folk by New York Times best-selling historical author of the Ethan Gage series — William Dietrich Please like &...

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