Morality Play and Sinful Folk – A Post on Writing Technique

MORALITY TALE Barry Unsworth                    I read Barry Unsworth’s spare and thoughtful medieval tale Morality Play with an eye towards how I could understand better my own work on my novel Sinful Folk and how I could improve on my approach to the medieval mileau. This was my intent in reading Unsworth. However, what I found was that I ended up spending more time thinking about how my plot is structured, and the particular complications that both Unsworth and I run into as we place a novel in an era without CSI: Miami¸ Sherlock Holmes, child sex abuse cases, any detective clichés at all, much less a clear rule of law beyond feudal might-is-right. Ursula Le Guin is right when she says that “All storytellers work pretty much the same way, with the same box of...

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