Coeur d’Alene — The Real History

The Silver Valley Mining Legacy The “Bitterroot County” portrayed in this story is a fictional one, although the events that transpired in the 1970s and 1980s are very real events with very real consequences. The Silver Valley devastation described in this novel is historically accurate. The only organization actively working to clean up this wonderful wilderness is the Silver Valley Community Resource Center. You can donate to this organization here. To this day, the mystery of the Sunshine Mine Disaster fire has never been solved. Miners Tom Wilkinson and Ron Flory were the only two survivors found in the mine. The 91 men who died in the Sunshine Mine Disaster in May of 1972 are memorialized in a permanent shrine built beside the I-90 highway outside of...

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Coeur d’Alene Waters — Book Synopsis

Synopsis A dark literary thriller of depth and dimension, Coeur d’Alene Waters follows Matt Worthson, a northern Idaho Sheriff’s deputy searching for a murderer and along the way finding out the truth about the never-solved Sunshine Mine disaster. The debut offering from Northwest journalist Ned Hayes. What is it about the Pacific Northwest that leads some into dark worlds of violence and despair? Had one-time north Idaho journalist Ned Hayes made this tantalizing question the centerpiece of his debut novel, he might have only created a derivative retelling of an all-too-familiar serial killer plot. Instead, he takes the idea for this well-written literary thriller from the historical facts of the still-unsolved Sunshine Mine disaster in 1972, and...

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