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At PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), I’ve been instrumental in creating the Meshin platform and mobile app. Meshin analyzes communications in real-time and provides insight into your activity with a new user experience on Android and iPhone. Here’s a recent video from the Mobilize 2011 conference: About Mobilize Conference The cultural, social and business necessities of being connected everywhere have inspired designers and technologists to build new products and create new markets. Never before have we stood at such a precipice of technological innovation with nearly endless potential at every level for new opportunity ranging from hardware, software and services. Mobile Big Data We give you a clear insight into what’s behind the most exciting products...

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Future of Technology: The Ned View

I recently gave an interview to a pair of researchers about what I thought was coming in future technology. Apparently, I said some useful things, so I got a transcript, and here it is!  Thanks to many for re-posting! 1. INVISIBLE A couple things I think are essential about technology. Really good technology should be mostly invisible to the user. Technology in general should be something that lets people get to their goal or their task focus. Without being in the way. It should be a layer that almost does not exist. So if you think about clothing for example, clothing can move smoothly and quickly rather than clothing that restrains and constricts you. The goal of good software is to enable you to move faster, not slow you down. For example, a touch screen gets...

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