Beyond Microsoft: Index

Read the prologue and three complete chapters for free online…. and buy the ebook on Amazon. PART I: Beating Microsoft 1994 – 2004 Prologue: Victory to Defeat: 1994-2004 CHAPTER 1: Winning the Browser, Losing the War… The Internet Rises Again CHAPTER 2: Revenue to the Wind… Web Services and .NET Chapter 3: A Bridge to Nowhere…. Windows Vista Without End Chapter 4: Overfed Cash Cows… Irrelevance of Microsoft’s Office Model PART II: Burying Microsoft 2004 – 2014 Chapter 5: The Invisible Interface… No-See-Um Solutions Chapter 6: Software as Utility… How to Add Value in a Commodity World Chapter 7: Beyond Branding… Marketing as Function, not Form Chapter 8: Embrace and Extend… Using Microsoft Against Itself PART III: Beyond...

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